Carey Lewis Devotions
Thursday, October 18th, 2018
Beautiful! Like Esther: My Mother's Beauty
You are beautiful, my darling,

Beautiful beyond words.

Your eyes are like doves

Behind your veil.

Your hair falls in waves,

Like a flock of goats winding down the slopes of Gilead.

Your teeth are as white as sheep,

Recently shorn and freshly washed.

Your smile is flawless,

Each tooth matched with its twin.

Your lips are like scarlet ribbon;

Your mouth is inviting.

Your cheeks are like rosy pomegranates

Behind your veil.

Your neck is as beautiful as the tower of David,

Jeweled with the shields of a thousand heroes.
Song of Solomon 4:1-4 (NLT)
My mother, Millie Lewis, was a world class beauty. While visiting friends in New York after World War ll, a photographer saw her on an elevator: a story book discovery dreamers dare to hope.

Modeling jobs and movie offers chased Millie down. But unwanted attention from men chased her down, too. For a Southern girl used to more courteous treatment, their bold moves prompted her to leave the city behind.

But how she left is a hero-heroine story. At an air show, she met a Charleston-bred stunt pilot, who captured her heart and defended her dignity. They fell in love, married and headed back to the South.

My mom kept modeling and opened modeling schools. She taught girls and guys the art and science of beauty: how external polish brings internal confidence. So she shared the skills of looking good physically...

Maximizing face, hair, wardrobe, fitness and posture.

She also said good actions must be beauty's closers: kindness, personality and professionalism: that good looks mixed with good actions form a winning team, where worldly doors open and longterm success follows.

Without a doubt, Esther showcased all of this and more. The 'and more' part concerns beauty in the Eyes of God.

Because the Lord sees beauty in a much greater light. It's far beyond modeling for personal profit.

## Beautiful Like Esther: My Mother's Beauty (Part 1)

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