Carey Lewis Devotions
Sunday, May 1st, 2011
Christian Scribes & Pharisees (Part 5, Conclusion)
I know your works, love, service, faith, and your patience; and as for your works, the last are more than the first.
Revelation 2:19 (NKJV)
Enter actors, models and talent for Christ. Yes, God has created a movement in the entertainment industry to help lead His children home. But in the greater sense of the words, every Jesus follower on the face of the earth is an actor, model and talent for Christ. We are His stand-ins until His return, and we are called to action.

Not only is a new face coming to Hollywood, but a new face is coming to the Christian church. Both faces look increasingly like Jesus. They are loving God first and their fellow-man second. This loves welcomes everyone. Actors, models & talent for Christ judge no one.

They move boldly in the Word and in the world. They extend their hands to strangers. They know that 'many who are first will be last, and the last first' (Matthew 19:30). They follow Jesus closely.

They will see God's church unified and rebuilt, and they are part of the work force; 'And He who sits on the throne said, 'Behold, I am making all things new,' and He said, 'Write, for these words are faithful and true' ' (Revelation 21:5).

As for Christian scribes and Pharisees, we take hope from the example of Nicodemus. Many Christian leaders are truly reborn. Others will be. In the end, we will need no leaders--only servants and followers; 'If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all' (Mark 9:35). Just like Jesus.

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