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Tuesday, December 13th, 2016
Do-Gooders (Part 28)
Cast Their Bread
Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you will find it after many days.

Ecclesiastes 11:1 (NASB)
Where will anyone be able to find enough bread here in this desolate place to satisfy these people?

Mark 8:4 (NASB)
Two hundred denarii worth of bread is not sufficient for them, for everyone to receive a little.
John 6:7 (NASB)
And if you give yourself to the hungry

And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,

Then your light will rise in darkness

And your gloom will become like midday.

Isaiah 58:10 (NASB)
Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.
Galatians 6:9 (NASB)
Casting your bread has at least two meanings:

1) Virgil said, 'Fortune sides with him who dares.' Or maybe you've heard the proverbial sayings: 'It takes money to make money,' 'No risk, no reward,' or 'No pain, no gain.' With purposeful wisdom and practiced faith, we must invest our assets to make more.*

God warns us against fear or laziness: 'He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap' (Ecclesiastes 11:4).

Or worse: 'You wicked and lazy servant... you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest. Therefore take the talent from him, and give it to him who has ten talents.' **

'For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away. And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness' (Matthew 25:26-30).

2) Consider the spiritual meaning, as in casting the Bread of Jesus Christ; 'I am the Bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger' (John 6:35).

Actors, models and talent for Christ: You've taken risks in faith and courage. You've invested your precious talents to increase them and bring God glory. Like throwing bread on top of a pond and seeing the fish come to eat it...

You cast God's talents in media to feed hungry fans something better. They've been eating empty calories with artificial ingredients. Thereby, lives have been wasting away.

So keep casting what you've been given. In due season you'll be rewarded. You'll be successful in every way.

'His lord said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord' ' (Matthew 25:21).

To Be Continued...

* Short article: Top 100 Money Quotes of All Time, Forbes Magazine:

** The Parable of the Talents:

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"I labored, yet not I. By the grace of God, I am what I am, and do what I do' (paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 15:10). I love God's Word. As a late-in-life committed Christian with no Bible training prior to age 51, some people wonder how I'm qualified to write devotions. I wonder that, too. But God loves children and fools for Him. I am both. Ghost Writer? God.

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