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Tuesday, April 7th, 2020
Fear: Of Torture
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.
1 John 4:18 (NKJV)
His master was angry, and delivered him to the torturers until he should pay all that was due to him.
Matthew 18:34 (NKJV)
I fear torture. Who doesn't? When I consider Christ's torture, I groan. I cry. I am chastened in my selfish and petty complaints.

God's Word ties torment to fear. How? Fear is like an unseen multiplier, used to great effect by Satan's mathematicians. Consider:

When fear multiplies worry, worry becomes anxiety, even panic. (I've felt it.)

When fear multiplies pain, pain becomes unendurable torture.*

When fear multiplies loss, loss becomes a festering hole in the soul.

In addition, God shows us a different source of torture. Unforgiveness: another multiplier, used to great effect by countless demons.

When unforgiveness multiplies harm, harm becomes a seething hatred... which doesn't allow the original wound to heal.

How do we push through fear and unforgiveness? Faith. Faith that God's got our worries, pain, loss and harm. He avenges. He restores.

Satan is stymied. Christ is glorified. First by His Cross. Then by ours. As in:

If our crosses might be defined as our 'duty unto death to follow Christ,' if Christ is the Embodiment of faith and forgiveness... then we must embody them, too.

Like our King, we must refuse to allow fear any place in our lives.

## Fear: Of Torture (Part 20)

* The pain of pain is a condition animals don't feel. The pain of pain... is pain multiplied, by disbelief, worry and fear of the future.

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"I labored, yet not I. By the grace of God, I am what I am, and do what I do' (paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 15:10). I love God's Word. As a late-in-life committed Christian with no Bible training prior to age 51, some people wonder how I'm qualified to write devotions. I wonder that, too. But God loves children and fools for Him. I am both. Ghost Writer? God.

Carey Lewis

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