Carey Lewis Devotions
Thursday, October 19th, 2017
Imperfect Heroes (Part 11)
You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.

Genesis 50:20 (NLT)
When Joseph, Jacob's most beloved son, was young, we see faint traces of imperfection: perhaps a blindness or naivety of the effect his favored status had among his older brothers without it; perhaps an indiscretion in sharing a dream of standing high while they were bowing low.

But his teen blemishes don't seem enough to warrant all the disasters he suffered: thirteen years of slavery and prison in a strange land he wouldn't leave alive. I believe his imperfect hero role had less to do with Joseph's character and more to do with God's purpose in pain.

In the story of Joseph's suffering, God provides a glimpse of His Higher Mind: some of the 'why's' curious children want to know:

1. Joseph learned humility the hard way. Even so, God helped him at every turn. The Lord never left him or forsook him.

2. Joseph refined his management skills. Often in the lowest circumstances, God is prepping us for higher missions.

3. Joseph was put into a position to save his family from starvation in a foreign land where they would increase.

4. Joseph gained so much more than he had lost because he held on to his faith and hope in the midst of loneliness and torment.

Therefore, don't write off prisoners in jails. They may have been unjustly convicted or may become new creations in Christ. They may emerge as imperfect heroes.

To Be Continued...

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