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Friday, July 22nd, 2011
Sonia In Sports Illustrated
I did not come to judge the world, but to save it.
John 12:47 (NIV)
Sonia Dara, a model and Harvard student, made a big step toward super-model status with an appearance in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Compare it to the All-Star Game in baseball or the Pro Bowl in football. It's a hallmark moment for fashion models.

When I received an email from Sonia's mother, I clicked the link to SI's online edition--both excited and nervous. I've seen some seriously provocative swimsuits in SI. What if I saw Sonia in one of them?

Sonia's SI editorial brings a nagging question to the forefront.

What should Christian models or actors do if they are asked to wear revealing clothes? The Apostle Paul says women should 'dress modestly, with decency and propriety' (1 Timothy 2:9). How can they be in this world, but not of it?

On the other hand, Paul also says, 'To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some' (1 Corinthians 9:22). We must enter a culture to become successful ambassadors. Even Jesus ate and drank with sinners and prostitutes--to that same end.

All answers are found in God. He will direct the paths of His models, actors, and performers on every job: what to do and not to do--how to adapt to a foreign culture without violating their most important relationship--to Him.

Will their prayerful decisions please every Christian? Doubtful. Did Jesus please the religious leaders of His time? He didn't even try.

As for Sonia, my momentary fears were replaced by grateful faith. Her SI photos were tasteful and elegant--setting a new standard in a world that needs it.

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"I labored, yet not I. By the grace of God, I am what I am, and do what I do' (paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 15:10). I love God's Word. As a late-in-life committed Christian with no Bible training prior to age 51, some people wonder how I'm qualified to write devotions. I wonder that, too. But God loves children and fools for Him. I am both. Ghost Writer? God.

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